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Drivers' Hours Rules

Main provisions of UK / EU drivers hours rules

  • Driving:

  • Daily driving must not exceeed 9hours, however might be extended to at most 10hours not more than twice during the week;

    Weekly driving must not exceed 56hours;

    Fortnightly driving / the total accumulated driving time during any 2 consecutive weeks must not exceeed 90hours;

  • Daily Rest:

  • Regular daily rest must be at least 11hours;

    Reduced daily rest must be at least 9hours long (no more than 3 reduced daily rest period are allowed during the week);

    Split daily rest may be taken in 2 uninterupted periods, first at least 3hours and the second at least of 9hours;

  • Weekly rest
  • :
    Regular weekly rest of at least 45hours;

    Reduced weekly rest of at least 24 hours + any reduction must be compensated by an equivalent period of rest taken en block within 3 weeks.

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